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Foamie Designs
These are just a few of the foamies I have designed over the past 8 months.  I threw away 3 other designs including a BAE Hawk that was too slow and a 58 in flying wing that I finally broke and have yet to make another.  
The <This link's target cannot be found> is the best overall flying wing.  The two little ones are a handful to fly but they maneuver like you can't believe.  The one in front I made about 4 of them.  My brother in law is still flying one.  It has a very nice roll rate and is a pretty quick, 42 inch span wing.
The solid blue one has a pod that attaches to the wing to hold the battery and receiver.  It was very light, almost too light.  I flew pretty well but it seemed too light to dynamic soar consistently.  I gave up on it too quickly and will probably experiment with it again.
The yellow one with blue stripes is a predecessor to the Schwing.  It is my choice for combat until I build another Schwing.  
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